Cleaning, Staining, Sealing in Paramus

Wooden Decks in Paramus: Final Touches

An important part of the wooden deck building and maintenance process is cleaning, staining and sealing. Wooden decks can last for years—decades even—but only if sealed properly to protect from the elements. Depending on the type of wood used on your deck, you may or may not want to stain it as it will result in a color change, but our Euro Home Remodelers, LLC recommendation is that you always use a sealer. Using a sealer will double your deck’s lifespan!

When you think about wood rot and mold buildup, that is caused by water damage. A sealed deck can resist this much longer!

Proper Cleaning

So as not to trap any dirt under a sealer, after building your new deck, we’ll clean the surface thoroughly. Most deck cleaners contain one of four chemicals in them, each for different types of wood and stains.

Sodium Hypochlorite

Effective for mildew removal.

Sodium Percarbonate

Used to remove dirt, mildew and weathered wood.

Oxalic Acid

Used for older decks to remove stains; categorized as a deck brightener.

Sodium Hydroxide

The most common chemical. Strong, and applicable to just about any problem.

Ask us about our recommendations for eco-friendly washes. It’s important for you to arm yourself with knowledge about cleaners that are used on your Paramus deck, because in the future you may want to clean the deck yourself. Cleaning and resealing when done on a regular basis keeps your deck looking beautiful and new!

Deck Staining

Staining your deck both enhances the appearance of the wood, and increases its lifespan. If your deck is newly built, a stain will add that extra kick and if your deck is old, a brightening stain will yield shocking results! If you’re considering tearing out an old deck and starting from scratch, try a good clean and stain for rejuvenation. Euro Home Remodelers, LLC offers expert staining services for our Paramus clients’ decks at any age.

When we stain your deck, we take into consideration weather, and the pre-staining process. This means your deck will be properly sanded and if there is an older stain or paint, it will be removed via power washing. These steps will ensure that your stain is flawless, and will last two to three years.

Sealing for Success

The final step of a new deck installation or an old deck update is sealing your deck to set it up for a good, long life. If you have an older deck, a surefire way to tell if it needs to be sealed again is with a water test. If you let a drop of water fall and it’s absorbed, it’s time to seal.

Sealers, unlike stains, are clear and will not affect the wood’s natural color.

Decks That Last for Years

A lot of experience, time and effort goes into building an attractive, quality deck. If it’s not cleaned and sealed properly with regular maintenance over the years, these efforts will have been a waste.

Ensure that your deck will be around for a long time. Call Euro Home Remodelers, LLC to get the job done right.