Wooden Deck Repair in Mahwah

Fix Your Mahwah Deck

A deck is one of the best investments you can make for your home. If you’ve purchased a home that already has a deck, you’re lucky! Wooden decks are a beautiful, classic choice. But what happens when that deck falls into disrepair? Well, we hope that you’ll give Euro Home Remodelers, LLC a call to restore your deck and make it not only great looking, but useable once again.

When we come to your home, our guarantee is that your deck will be built to last. We use techniques we’ve developed in our years in the industry, and seal it properly to ensure against environmental damage. But like anything that is in the elements year-round, a deck is bound to deteriorate at some point.

Proper Maintenance Techniques

Surviving a year of weather in Mahwah can be tough. Before you resort to big repairs, there are steps you can take to keep your deck in the best shape.


Your wooden deck can withstand a lot, but don’t think cleaning isn’t necessary. Regular sweeping can keep your deck newer longer. If you have a barbecue, make sure any food debris and grease is washed off. Excessive moisture on a deck can cause mold.


Sealing a deck is the final step to any build and while it keeps things fresh for a while, you will need to re-seal every two to three years.

No Solid Stains

Solid stains are acrylic based. If you’ve ever worked with acrylic paint, you will know how it dries and peels. Work with an oil-based stain to have it last longer.

Speedy Repairs

If regular cleaning and sealing wares off, the next most important thing to do with your deck is get any repairs taken care of quickly! A small repair can become a big one in a matter of weeks, so don’t let it sit.

With proper maintenance your deck can easily go 10 years without repairs. Wooden decks are on some of the oldest houses and still are in perfect working condition. Make sure that yours stands the test of time as well!

If you need a timeline, think late spring for washing and resealing, midsummer for inspections and repairs, and early fall for preventative measures.

Never Too Late

Looking at a crumbling deck can be daunting. Do you try to fix it? Do you just tear it off the house? You could keep it off, or rebuild. But who wants to lose their deck?

If your deck has fallen into disrepair, it’s never too late. Mahwah weather can be a lot to handle over the years for any wooden structure. Decks are susceptible to problems with boards, railings, stairs, joists, mold, and even pests.

When you call Euro Home Remodelers, LLC, you’ll get a free quote for your project, expert advice, and suggestions to make your deck even better than it was before. So, what are you waiting for? Get that deck back in use. Your future guests will thank us!